Hi everyone,

Welcome to my professional blog, where I will attempt to put pen to paper my perspective on everything from the telecommunications industry to leadership discussion topics to personal adventures.  As the content of my blog starts to accumulate, you will discover my passion for technology, my love for food and travel, and my new found interest for social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and personal branding.  I’ve been in the telecommunications industry for the past seven years specializing in outside plant copper and fiber design specializing in FTTP FiOS deployment to multi-dwelling residential and multi-tenant commercial units.  I obtained my MBA in June 2010 and am interested in learning more about project/product management in the technology sector.  To find out more about my background and experience, please click the About Me/CV tab.  To view my recent entries, click on the Latest Posts! tab.  I hope you find my posts interesting and that you come back frequently as my blog develops.   My writing style is conversational in nature and any technical terminology is thoroughly explained.  I appreciate any feedback/comments.

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Thank you and happy reading,

Quang M. Le


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